Friday, May 23, 2014

TT ZERO entry list makes it onto Twitter, and we snag a picture for you

The Buckeye Current team just posted the TT ZERO entry list - this list doesn't seem to be posted on, but since Buckeye Current is a competitor they obviously have access to things not published on that site.  Hopefully it's okay they posted this on Twitter ;-)

Who are the entries?
  1. John McGuiness - Mugen Shinden - Team Mugen (earlier coverage)
  2. James Hillier - TBC - TBC - (?? To be Confirmed??)
  3. Russ Mountford - ARC EV3 - ARC EV Engineering
  4. Shaun Anderson - ION Horse - Ecotricity
  5. Bruce Anstey - Mugen Shinden - Team Mugen (earlier coverage)
  6. Marc Miller - Roe - Team Vercarmoto (earlier coverage)
  7. Robert Wilson - Sarolea - Team Sarolea Racing (earlier coverage)
  8. Rob Barber - Buckeye Current RW-2.x - The Ohio State University (earlier coverage)
  9. -
  10. -
  11. Neil Champion - Brammo - Darvill Racing (earlier coverage)
  12. Tuukka Korhonen - Brammo - Electric Arena Racing
James Hillier was going to ride for Kawasaki-Zytek in the 2012 TT ZERO, but that team pulled out just before the race.  According to a post at, Hillier is expected to ride in the TT ZERO but has not been confirmed with a team.  

That same post lists Dave Moffett as riding for ManTTX - the team that's actually based on the Isle of Man, and who has raced in all previous TT ZERO's and TTXGP. (see coverage)

As we see in the posted sheet - there's two blank spots, so does that mean there's two potential other entries?

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