Thursday, April 3, 2014

TT ZERO 110 miles/hr lap speed sure to fall to the 2014 Mugen SHINDEN SAN?

Mugen earlier announced they would field two bikes in the 2014 TT ZERO, that they're calling the SHINDEN SAN.  Today Mugen has released details, pictures, specs, so let's take a look.  It looks like a sure bet to beat the 110 miles/hr lap speed threshold.

As last year they've repeated the bright colors and graphics, and centering on the lightning bolt imagery.  Shinden is the god of lightning, after all. 

As we noted earlier Mugen will have two riders, John McGuinness and Bruce Antsey, both of whom have won other races in the TT multiple times. 

The 2014 Mugen Shinden San has improved motor, suspension, battery pack capacity, and aerodynamics
The development for this year sees a new oil-cooled 3-phase brushless motor that is increased in power output while at the same time is lighter and reduced in size. The team has taken the opportunity afforded by this new layout to increase the battery capacity over the 2013 machine and installed new control systems take advantage of the performance capabilities.

Also with SHINDEN SAN the engineers have used the data gained from previous years racing and testing to optimise the aerodynamics of the machine and adopted newly-developed suspension in order to maximise the speed potential.
Increased power density and energy density should mean they'll hit and sustain higher speeds.  According to the specs (below) the peak power is 100 kilowatts, and it gives 220 nM torque.  The 110 miles/hr lap speed is sure to be beaten this year.

Mugen's press release does contain an attempt to rewrite history:
The TT Zero Challenge class was first run in 2009 as a time trial format over the 60km mountain course on the public roads on the island, with the regulations requiring a zero CO2 clean emission power unit.
In 2009 the name of the race was TTXGP, and it was not conducted by the Isle of Man government, but by the TTXGP/eGrandPrix. 

 Machine Name – SHINDEN SAN
  • Overall length/width/height (mm) – 2,125/680/1,130
  • Wheelbase (mm) – 1,485
  • Ground Clearance (mm) – 130
  • Seat Height (mm) – 840
  • Total Weight(kg) – 240
  • Tyre
    • Front – 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
    • Rear  200/55ZR17M/C (78W)
  • Motor Type – Oil-cooled, 3-phase, brushless motor
  • Maximum Output (KW[PS]) – 100 [134]
  • Maximum Torque (N-M (kgf-M]) – 220 [22.4]
  • Battery Specification – Laminate-type Lithium-ion
  • Battery Output Voltage (V) – 370 or more

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