Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Brutus Motorcycles unveils race graphics for Jeremiah Johnson's Pikes Peak bike

Brutus Motorcycles is sponsoring Jeremiah Johnson to race their electric motorcycle on Pikes Peak this year.  I covered the information a month or so ago.   They just posted some pictures of the race bike with the graphics, as well as the race trailer and some other things.

From the looks of this, Jeremiah should take a finishing position a fair bit higher than he did last year, riding a Zero S.

This looks like a real serious race bike.  Hmm.. I wonder if it has enough power on board for a 38.4 mile race around a certain island?

One quibble I have is that in the background of one picture you see a large 18 kilowatt portable generator.  They'll have that on hand for fast charging the bike.  Notice the Manzanita Micro logo on the side - Gene Seymour's former employer - that gives you a clue which charger they'll use.   In any case, charging the bike off a generator somewhat negates all the goodwill that comes from this being an electric race bike.  Okay, not everyone see's the need to take the extra step to build a solar panel array onto the race trailer, and incorporate a large energy storage unit into the trailer.  Pragmatism can say it's easier to just go with the genset and...

Oh, I'm just digging myself a deep hole aren't I?  Guys.. we're all friends here, and I am just saying it would be that much better to take the next step and carry solar panels.  Please?

A cool looking bike like this deserves to be a great testament to sustainability and clean energy.

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