Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mugen Shinden returning to IOM TT ZERO for 2013, with McGuinness riding

As expected, Team Mugen Shinden is returning to the Isle of Man TT ZERO for 2013.  The announcement is scant on details, but promises a significant performance increase over the 2012 bike.  Considering that for their initial outing the team took second place to MotoCzysz, I'd say it's clear that MotoCzysz has some real competition to worry about. 

Mugen Shinden 2012

Mugen Shinden is seen as being closely allied with Honda, and essentially is a factory team for Honda.  However this theory was denied by Mugen Europe's Colin Whittamore at the 2012 TT ZERO.  The announcement of their 2013 TT ZERO participation says something a little different.

M-TEC developed the original EV bike, "(SHINDEN)" in order to showcase the company´s advanced clean emission technology and their creativity to the world, while at the same time gaining valuable experience and education for the engineers of the next generation for the future of the company.
Whoever it is that's behind Mugen's TTZERO team, they achieved a 2nd place finish and broke the 100 miles/hr lap speed barrier.

The 2013 bike was developed based on data captured from the 2012 bike.  They reduced the weight of the motorcycle body and EV system.  They worked on aerodynamics.  They are promising a significant performance boost.

John McGuinness is returning as their rider, he has won 19 times in IOM TT races.


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