Monday, February 11, 2013

Historic new electric motorcycle racing series launched by Hollywood Electrics and M1GP

Electric motorcycle dealer, Hollywood Electrics, and the M1GP, is making history by bringing the first electric motorcycle racing class to club-level racing.  Anybody with a qualifying electric motorcycle can run in M1GP races, and win points within the electric motorcycle class over the season.  It sounds like the requirements are laid back and the organizers are open to anyone with an electric motorcycle who wants to race.

The M1GP is a club racing series in Southern California, operating at race tracks in Santa Maria, CA, Rosamond, CA, and Apple Valley, CA.  You can learn more about them at

Harlan Flagg likened the M1GP to me as a series that's marketed for beginners in motorcycle racing, or "as the little league of motorcycle racing."  It apparently doesn't even require a motorcycle racing license to participate.  A rider can get their feet wet in the M1GP and if they desire move on to the WERA or even AMA racing series.

This is a great opportunity for electric motorcycle owners to see what they and their bikes can do.

It's also an opportunity to build electric motorcycle racing interest from the ground up, at the grass roots of motorcycle racing. 

By contrast Flagg described the TTXGP as attempting to build electric motorcycle racing interest from the top down. 

This partnership with the M1GP is not seen as putting Hollywood Electrics in competition with the TTXGP, but to place them in a complementary role.  If it works out as expected, the series may serve as a venue for grooming future electric motorcycle racers that will go on to the TTXGP.

"Hollywood Electrics is excited to partner with M1GP to establish an accessible outlet for electric motorcycle owners who are interested in road racing," said Harlan Flagg, owner of Hollywood Electrics and Zero Motorcycles' top dealer. “Production electric motorcycles have reached a performance level similar to that of the smaller displacement bikes the riders of M1GP have always relied on. By introducing an electric motorcycle class, electric riders can have confidence knowing that there is a safe and welcoming venue for aspiring racers. It is our belief that having more bikes on the track, whether gas or electric, will benefit the sport and continue to breed safer and confident riders.”

“I think electric bikes are attractive to a group of riders which may not have considered racing conventional race bikes for a variety of reasons, but can appreciate competitive and spirited riding & racing. We're excited about electric bike racers to come mix it up and being part of the M1GP community. I got to ride an electric bike during the time trials at the kart track with Brandon Miller and there was some concern that the size of the bike on the tight kart track wouldn’t be much fun, but it was a blast! With some of the other circuits we're racing (Streets of Willow and Horse Thief Mile), the 2013 M1GP season is going to make for a wide variety of courses & some great racing”, said Young Lee, owner of M1GP.  “I'm thrilled that Harlan and Hollywood Electrics are joining the M1GP season and racing community”

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