Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zonghshen Racing has a new ride - w/ Yasa motor

Zongshen Racing has been riding bikes powered by Agni motors since their entree into TTXGP racing in 2010.  That year the team raced with the bike that Rob Barber rode for Agni to victory in the initial TTXGP on the Isle of Man.  During 2011 the team built two bikes of their own, again with Agni motors, which they've raced with during both 2011 and 2012 seasons.  This weekend is the TTXGP at Assen, and Zongshen brought a new bike, making three for the team.

This marks a departure for Zongshen.  As I said, until now the team has been racing with Agni motors, and doing very well against the competition.  The switch to Yasa motors should give them more power and of course switch them from permanent magnet brushed DC to a proper AC motor.

Currently the team is racing with the two Agni powered machines they already have, and this new Yasa powered machine.

Going by the specs below, the team is using a YASA-750 motor which the company describes as so:

The YASA-750 has been designed as high torque direct drive motor for sport car and racing applications. The motor outputs a very high peak torque (750Nm) and a high continuous torque (400Nm) in a lightweight package (25kg).

The motor can deliver up to 100kW of peak power with a top speed of 2000 rpm (higher powers and speeds possible above 380V). The motors can deliver a high continuous power of >50kW (1800rpm and 300Nm continuous, for example).

Zongshen ZSE002RR Technical Specifications:


Chassis – Steel Trellis
Front Forks – Showa
Rear Suspension – Showa
Wheels – OZ Magnesium
Brakes – Brembo
Instruments and Data logging – AIM Gold
Bodywork – Custom Aosracing
Total Weight – 210kg


Yasa Advanced Axial Flux brushless motor
Peak Power – 100kW
Peak Torque – 750Nm
Weight – 25kg
Peak Efficiency >94%
Cooling – Liquid cooled

Battery Pack

A123 Prismatic 20Ah Lithium Nanophosphate
Voltage – 380V Charged, 343V nominal
Storage Capacity – 6.84kWh
Cell weight – 51.5kg


Sevcon Gen 4 Size 8
Peak Power Output – 100kW
Peak current – 360Arms
Max voltage – 400VDC
Weight – 10kg
Cooling – Liquid cooled

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