Sunday, August 5, 2012

Qualifying round results for TTXGP at Assen

This weekend is the TTXGP race at Assen, and while I know the race has been run, I'm running a little behind ...

A brother-sister team, Mike & Kim Brouwers of Brouwers Racing, are new participants this time.  Kim Brouwers is riding Agni Motors' 2009 bike which won that years TTXGP on the Isle of Man, while Mike Brouwers was riding a 2010 Mavizen bike.  In Kim's case, the bike had controller issues that left only one motor running, and in Mikes case the bike was just slow (the 2010 Mavizen bikes were never speed demons).  As of the qualifying round, both are said to be disappointed, but it's possible that the support engineers have simply dialed down the controllers because both these riders are new to electric machines.

Meunch Racing is happy to be there, having just raced in America at Laguna Seca.  They're replacing the front fork on Himmelmann's bike, and he's quoted saying “I love my new motor, it is very powerful and once I have my front fork set up just how I like, I know I will be putting in faster lap-times, I know and like this circuit and am confident for tomorrow.”  BTW - the "new motor" he refers to is due to the team having replaced the Siemens motor they'd used since 2010, with a new one (on both bikes) from Wittenstein.

Zongshen has introduced a new bike which is described as "next years machine" and this year they are testing that new machine by racing it.

Results from the qualifying session are as follows :

Pos No. Name team fastest (in) gap diff speed
1 49 Matthias Himmelman Muench Racing 1:53.710 144.2
2 59 Ho Chi Fung Zongshen racing 2:02.617 8:907 8:907 133.73
3 64 Wayne Tessels Zongshen Racing 2:06.010 12.300 3.393 130.13
4 26 Tang Yu Zongshen Racing 2:09.283 15.573 3.273 126.83
5 25 Mike Brouwers Brouwer racing 2:16.858 23.148 7.575 119.81
6 62 Kim Brouwers Bruwer Racing 2:47.904 54.194 31.046 97.66

 2 non starters for qualifying session.

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