Sunday, July 22, 2012

Team Catavolt seems to have won TTXGP Australia Round 2

The 2012 TTXGP Australia series held round two this weekend, but the TTXGP website does not have official results from the event.  In the meantime we learn from Team Catavolt's Facebook page that they won, but there are no details.  In the lack of details, here are a few pictures we could find.

TTXGP Warm-Up Preparation - Timelapse

#ttxgp Round 2 2012 at Queensland Raceway - #catavolt and #ripperton preparing for their warm-up track time. @a4x4kiwi makes a star appearance early on. #elmoto
TTXGP Round 2 Fly-By's

#ttxgp Round 2 2012 at Queensland Raceway - #catavolt and #ripperton zooming past over several laps. It's one of the things I love about electric motorbike racing - the almost uncanny silence. With the #catavolt bike you can only hear the noise of air resistance. This is the way racing should be.

Getting ready to race

Just leaving for TTXGP round two in Queensland -

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