Sunday, July 22, 2012

KillaJoule achieves 188 miles/hr at Loring Timing Association speed trials

KillaCycle Racing took the KillaJoule to the Loring Timing Association speed trials last week, setting a  top speed of 188.063 miles/hr.  The KillaJoule is a fully streamlined electric motorcycle.

In postings on their Facebook page (see links below) Eva explained that "KillaJoule ran mechanically absolutely perfectly. It ran straight as a string, stable and strong." Unfortunately they had a problem where "it shut down" if held at full throttle for a long time. Eva wrote "We believe that we have made a mistake while setting up the extremely sophisticated Rinehart motor controllers. These are state-of-the-art AC controllers and have a large number of parameters that can be tuned to give exactly the throttle response and behavior we want. If these parameters are set so they conflict, it can result in an unexpected shut down. We couldn't figure it out on the track, but we are quite sure that it is simply a stupid little mistake somewhere in the setup. Except for that user-error, the Rinehart controllers and the gorgeous EVO motor work wonderfully. "

Eva went on to say the KillaJoule is quite capable of speeds well over 200 miles/hr. Being unable to hold full throttle for long made it impossible to achieve the speeds KillaJoule is capable of running.

We see they're planning to return to the BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville in late August.

While it's a motorcycle, it's a three wheeler due to this sidecar-like thing

--- Lovely Land Speed racing at Loring --- 
Having a great time at Loring. Most racer-friendly land speed event imaginable. Most sensible, thorough and friendly tech-inspection we ever had. As any Bonneville land speed racer will tell you, tech inspection is in best case painful and can be horrible. Not so at Loring. They want you to be safe, for sure, but they are not out to prove how smart they are or how stupid you are. Totally professional. No big egos. We are definitely coming back.

--- KillaJoule is race ready! ---

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