Thursday, May 17, 2012

Steve Atlas Icon Brammo Practice Infineon TTXGP North American Championship 2012

The TTXGP staff posted this video, some of which was an interview recorded just moments before Steve Atlas' accident during the practice round for the TTXGP race at Infineon, 2012.  During that practice round Steve Atlas had a high-side accident at turn 7, messing up one finger, and giving a compression fracture to six vertebrae.

BTW, Steve was present at the Brammo Empulse launch in LA a couple days after the race.  I spoke with him for a few moments, and he seemed fine, clarifying the injury he had received.  He also explained he had done quite a lot of the test riding of the Empulse during its development.  We were most happy to learn that Steve was okay, as demonstrated by not only having been sent home from the hospital on the day of the accident, but by being able to travel to LA so shortly afterward.

The TTXGP staff explained the video thusly:  Steve Atlas gives a quick run down on his hopes for the year, before doing a few laps on the 1st practice session at Infineon Raceway. Steve is riding for Team Icon Brammo, but highsided 3 laps into the session after unofficially breaking his own lap record from last year. He has hurt his hand, and the bike may be unrepairable. Check back for updates on whether they will be able to race.

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