Saturday, May 5, 2012

Update on Brammo's presence at 2012 TTXGP at Infineon

During yesterday's practice round at the 2012 TTXGP race at Infineon Raceway, Steve Atlas riding for Team Icon Brammo wrecked (a high side in turn 7), and was brought to the hospital, taking the Brammo Empulse RR out of the race.  The accident occurred just after Atlas exited the corner.  Other riders reported the bike tumbled a few times ending up in the grass, while Atlas landed in the track.

Team Icon Brammo officials have confirmed that Steve Atlas fractured six thoracic vertebrae, and was sent from the hospital to rest in his hotel room.  He can't be too bad off if the doctors sent him home, but in no way is broken vertebrae anything to sneeze at.  We wish Steve the best recovery possible.  The estimate is he will be out for 6 weeks or so.

The Empulse RR had its own version of "going to the hospital" in that the Team Icon Brammo team members packed up their paddock area, and went to a nearby workshop.  The damage to the bike consisted of a destroyed fairing, a scraped up handlebar, and a heavily damaged motor.  It is the motor damage that will be the most difficult for the team to repair, as it damaged the encoder disc and the water cooling system.  The team intends to repair the bike and get back into the race, with a replacement rider yet to be identified.

As of this writing at 3PM Brammo is still away from the track, and the qualifying race is due to occur at 5:30PM (more likely 6PM) this evening.  In the past, teams who were unable to race in the qualifying round would be gridded on the rear row of the starting field during the actual race.

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