Thursday, August 28, 2014

KillaCycle racing beat everyone at Bonneville with a 240+ miles/hr electric motorcycle

The Killacycle Racing Team just set a new speed record in their class (three wheeled streamlined electric motorcycles) and for the first time in history an electric vehicle had the fastest speed at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials event.  I don't know much beyond a couple postings from the Killacycle team, so I'll do my best to summarize what they posted.

Basically - they a) set a new record at 240.726 miles/hr b) was the fastest vehicle this week.

What this means is they scored the fastest time overall at this years speed trials.  This is big news people.  Perhaps bigger than in 2013 when Lightning Motorcycles beat everyone at Pikes Peak.  They beat everyone at Bonneville.

What did they do?  The sharp eyed will note a speed of around 240 miles/hr.

Here's the time slip.  Some math major in the Facebook comments calculated the average between the runs to be 240.726 miles/hr.  In this kind of time trial format, to certify a record time the team has to make a second run in the opposite direction.  This slip shows 241.852 miles/hr in one direction, and 239.600 in the opposite direction.

On the 26th they'd had a couple runs in the 224 miles/hr range, which was enough to set a record (in their class).  Here they're boasting to have the fastest electric motorcycle on the planet.

Of course there are multiple contenders to that status.  You have to pigeon-hole KillaCycle's claim into the class in which they're competing.  Lightning, Brammo, and all the others are competing in other classes than the three wheeled streamlined electric motorcycle class.  I'm not pointing this out to rain on KillaCycle's parade, because they sure deserve accolades, but to keep everything in perspective.

The the motorcycle in question is the Killajoule.  It's a custom designed custom built streamlined electric motorcycle built by Bill and Eva Dube, the duo that's behind the KillaCycle drag bike.

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