Tuesday, April 29, 2014

eMotoRacing runs at Willow Springs last weekend, Sonoma Raceway next

Last weekend the eMotoRacing series event at Willow Springs race track had either four or five entries - the results writeup is a little confusing, because at one point they mention three Brammo's and a Zero, and at another point they list four Brammo's.

The listed entrants are:
  • Legendary TT winner Dave Roper on a Brammo
  • Motorcyclist magazine test rider Zack Courts on a Brammo
  • M1GP ace Jeff Clark on a Zero
  • Moto-journalist Ed Milich on a Brammo
  • AMA Superbike pioneer Arthur Kowitz on a Brammo
What they don't mention about Ed Milich is that he's married to Jennifer Bromme, who raced in the 2010 TTXGP with a Mavizen bike.   Meaning that there's some history of electric motorcycle racing in his family.

Results:  Dave Roper won round one on Saturday (best lap time 01:50.546), and Arthur Kowitz won the eight lap race on day two (best lap time 01:45.221).

One nice thing is that eMotoRacing is powering their paddock with a portable solar power system mounted on the trailer you see in this picture.

Learn more here:- http://emotoracing.com/results-from-willow-springs-raceway-california/

Next weekend they're coming to Northern California at Sonoma Raceway.  Hurm.. do I go?

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