Monday, March 17, 2014

MotoCzysz taking a year off from racing

Earlier in the day I saw a Facebook posting saying, unconfirmed, that MotoCzysz was not going to participate in the TT ZERO 2014.  Not wanting to publish something without confirmation, I sent an email to Michael Czysz asking for clarification.  I haven't received an answer from him, but halfway through the press release announcing that Mark Miller will race with Team Vercarmoto, there is confirmation:
I want to wish MotoCzysz and Michael Czysz all the best as they take a year off from racing ...
 Last year we were saddened to learn that Michael Czysz had come down with a serious illness, which prevented him from being at the Isle of Man for the 2013 TT ZERO.  The team pulled off excellence last year, and surely made him proud.

If Michael responds to my e-mail, I'll update this post, but this is enough perhaps.

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