Saturday, November 16, 2013

Terry Hershner update - somewhere past Tuscon AZ

Overnight Terry Hershner and Bun Bun ran into a couple delays - an accident on I-10 that blocked the road for a few hours, and then strong headwinds that increased energy usage.  Even with that improved aerodynamic fairing, riding directly into a headwind still takes up a lot of energy.  They ended up prematurely draining the pack and having to charge on a 120 volt outlet.  They eventually made it to a GOE3 charging station from which they could draw 12 kilowatts - closer to their normal charging rate.

The last report I see on his Facebook page came 5 hours ago saying that a "drunk driver" had blocked the road for a few hours.  I assume that means a major traffic accident caused by a drunk driver ..etc.. and if we looked at news reports around Tuscon today it's probably full of gorey stories from the highway.

Because their last report was 5 hrs ago, one hopes that Bun Bun talked Terry into taking a nap ...

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