Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Terry Hershner reaches Mississippi after SNAFU gods give him a flat tire

I neglected to post an update on Terry Hershner's ride yesterday and today, so here goes.  They'd made it to Houston yesterday, and today are in Louisana, but one last problem had to occur.  At 10:30PM their time last night, the rear tire went flat.

After getting repairs done - that included cutting away some metal - they're on the road again.

As I'm writing this, going by the Glympse tracker they posted, they're just now entering Mississippi.  The remaining trip is small, under 500 miles, crossing the Gulf Coast portions of Mississippi and Alabama, and then the Florida Panhandle to get to Jacksonville.  As long as they can hold the SNAFU gods at bay, they're in the final stretch.

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