Friday, July 12, 2013

Formula E completes 2014 season calendar choosing Berlin as 10th city

Just a few days ago Formula E had announced that Spark Racing Technologies (SPARK), their technology subsidiary, had been approved for homologation by the FIA to provide cars for Formula E's 2014 season.  Now they've announced selection of Berlin as the 10th city in the 2014 season.

This completes the schedule for the 2014 season, which will comprise events in these cities:- London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Putrajaya, Bangkok, and Berlin

The Formula E is an electric car racing series that will launch in 2014, assuming the FIA gives its approval to everything the Formula E organizers have put together.  The series is to have 10 teams with two drivers apiece and two cars per driver.  The events will be held in city centers, rather than at race tracks.

Senator Cornelia Yzer commented: “Berlin, as an international city and leading metropolis of electric mobility, is an ideal venue for Formula E. We are pleased to be able to host the event in this cosmopolitan city and for Berlin to present new and innovative technologies. Formula E will also inspire people to consider Electromobility.”

Gernot Lobenberg from eMO commented: “Formula E in Berlin will show a wide audience that electric mobility is fun and free of emissions. Formula E also suits the city as to date we have introduced more than 150 projects in the field of electric mobility in Berlin and Brandenburg."

Gerhard W. Steindorf, CEO of Tempelhof, added: "We are very pleased that Formula E will be held at Tempelhof Airport. Since 2009, the historical building has been the scene of numerous, very different events. The airport building is always a spectacular setting for the presentation of innovative ideas and technologies. Formula E is something completely new and pioneering and fits it perfectly into our idea of how this unique place is used.”

Source: Formula E ready to build electric race cars, adds Berlin to 2014 calendar

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