Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chip Yates tries out Empulse R at Thunderhill for a feature in Motortrend Magazine

Browsing on Facebook I found this item posted by Brammo showing some pictures with them meeting Chip Yates at Thunderhill Raceway.  Thunderhill is of course Brammo's usual test track.

Chip Yates is an AMA licensed racer, and in 2010-11 he had built an electric motorcycle meant for racing.  He'd originally meant to race it in the TTXGP, but the final build was too heavy for the TTXGP rules, so he went on his own to race in other venues.

More recently he was going to race with Lightning Motorcycles at the Pikes Peak race last weekend, but that arrangement broke up.  One wonders.. does this mean he's gonna do something more with Brammo than this?

"Chip on Camera"

Setting up GoPro

Trying out the Empulse TTX

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