Saturday, June 1, 2013

MotoCzysz reveals 2013 E1pc electric superbike at TT Week opener on Isle of Man

MotoCzysz, unfortunately without Michael Czysz who stayed in Portland to deal with an illness, is at the Isle of Man this week to seek their fourth TT ZERO win.  As is traditional to them, they unveiled the new 2013 E1pc electric superbikes during the TT Week opening ceremony.

New 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc - courtesy
 “Since last year’s win,” said Ray Crepeau, General Manager for MotoCzysz “a new strategy has been in the works. Our team has been quietly preparing bikes, targeting an average lap speed of 110 mph.”

The picture provided by (above) doesn't give us much to go on for what it looks like, though it's nice to see the familiar faces of the team members.  Going by the press release, the team managed to cram more energy into the bike without increasing the weight.

They use different packs for different scenarios.  For the Isle of Man, MotoCzysz uses "energy" batteries that pack more kilowatt-hours per kilogram, while for regular races they use "power" batteries that deliver more kilowatts (not kilowatt-hours) at a time.  By putting more energy in without increasing weight, it means that Kokam (their battery supplier) has developed cells with dramatically higher energy density.  Enough for a 20% energy capacity increase without increasing weight.

 “We are missing Michael Czysz this year for sure,” said Rutter. “But the new bikes look very, very fast and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do!” Miller was equally impressed with the new equipment. “Once again, I am truly in awe,” said Miller. “For the past four years the MotoCzysz crew has consistently raised the bar, and this year is no exception. I can’t wait to climb on and tackle the mountain course! It’s going to be a bit different without Michael Czysz here but from the looks of things the Team have sorted the bikes and its now my turn to go to work.”

 MotoCzysz founder and CEO, Michael Czysz, recently revealed a bit of team strategy:
“2013 is as much about bike handling as it is about energy onboard. Adding range is simple, you add more batteries; but to achieve that without adding weight was an engineering feat.” More important still is bike handling and dynamics, where Team MotoCzysz has made huge strides. “The 2013 E1pc handling rivals any bike on the mountain, allowing Michael and Mark to easily carve the twisty mountain course faster than ever.”

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