Monday, June 3, 2013

McGuiness set to break 110 miles/hr in 2013 TT ZERO, and beat MotoCzysz

The results in the TT ZERO are just getting better with every practice round.  In Monday's practice round, John McGuiness's bike was being registered by the transponders so we can report that he achieved a 109.038 miles/hr lap speed, beating Michael Rutter's 107.602 miles/hr lap speed, and Mark Miller's 105.806 miles/hr lap speed.

To make this clear - John McGuiness turned in a 109.038 miles/hr result in practice, making it very likely the 110 miles/hr lap speed goal appears very likely to smashed in the 2013 TT ZERO.  The 2012 lap record was in the 104 miles/hr range, set by Mike Rutter in 2012 with McGuiness coming in second that year.  As we see in the next paragraph, Rutter is turning in 107 miles/hr lap speeds, and Miller is a bit slower than Rutter.  Hence, it looks like McGuiness will beat Rutter and Miller both, and it looks like the MotoCzysz winning streak is over.  But of course this is racing and we cannot be certain of anything until it actually happens.  For example Rutter and Miller could be holding back...?  Maybe?

The IOMTT officials still haven't have posted official results from Saturday's practice round, making it difficult to letting us assess improvements over the week.  Both Rutter and Miller gave similar results today to what they achieved on Saturday (Rutter 107.82 miles/hr Saturday, 107.602 miles/hr today, Miller 104.xx miles/hr on Saturday, 105.82 miles/hr today).  McGuiness is showing a big gain, from 107.20 miles/hr on Saturday, to 109.04 miles/hr on Monday.  We didn't have any results for McGuiness on Saturday, so we're unable to compare that against his performance today.  This performance is much stronger than Friday's practice round, and all three are soundly beating the 104ish miles/hr record set by Rutter in 2012.

Because one of the guys in the infernal combustion engine racing had a spectacular day, the Manx Radio crew spent quite awhile on reliving his win in a race just before the TT ZERO, and not covering for example the Sulby Speed trap times.  They did give some lap time numbers at several points along the lap.

These are unofficial lap speed numbers as written down while listening to Manx Radio.  I'll update this if/when the IOMTT officials post official results.

Glen HelenRamsey HairpinFinal
John McGuiness - Mugen Shinden??109.038 miles/hr
Mike Rutter - MotoCzysz111 miles/hr126 miles/hr107.602 miles/hr
Mark Miller - MotoCzysz105 miles/hr124 miles/hr105.806 miles/hr
Rob Barber - Buckeye94 miles/hr108 miles/hr91.768 miles/hr
George Spence - Ion Horse89 miles/hr89 miles/hr85.484 miles/hr
Chris McGahan - Vercamoto??81.150 miles/hr
Ian Lougher - KOMATTI??80.259 miles/hr

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