Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beijing welcomed as host city in Formula E series

On Saturday, Formula E welcomed the selection of Beijing as a host city for the inaugural 2014 season of the electric car race series.  Formula E is an electric race car series using Formula 1 style race cars, with electric drive trains, racing on city streets.  The race route for Beijing has not been finalized, but they intend for it to be routed around major landmarks.

Artists rendition of Formula E racing in Beijing

Three months ago Formula E had announced 8 of 10 the host cities, and just two weeks ago they announced the 9th.  The full roster of cities will be presented to the FIA in September for approval.

In an earlier version of this post I described Beijing as having been chosen as the 10th host city.  I misremembered that Beijing was one of the 8 cities initially announced.  That means the 10th host city is still up in the air.

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