Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MotoCzysz uses Dow Kokam cells for 2013 battery packs

MotoCzysz released today a little bit more information about their 2013 bikes.  On Monday the team announced the lineup of their 2013 team, and committed to both the TTZERO and eRoadRacing events in North America.

For 2013 they are continuing their battery partnership with Dow Kokam. After a first test session, the team says "amazing results confirmed that the Czysz crew has built the best handling and most energy dense MotoCzysz e1pc to date." 

The new battery pack gives 20% more energy on-board, with no more weight.  That will give them a performance advantage for sure.  They also cite new performance technology in the form of "2D (2 dimensional) triple clamps, offering its pilots amazing front end grip and control."

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