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eFXC electric motorcycle racing in Australia parts ways with TTXGP for 2013

In 2011 and 2012 the TTXGP had a presence in Australia thanks to a partnership with the Australian electric motorcycle racing series, eFXC.  The partnership made for two seasons of electric motorcycle racing that primarily saw Catavolt and Ripperton in competition.   However, the partnership between TTXGP and eFXC has ended and the eFXC is now running on its own separately from the TTXGP.  It remains under the umbrella of the Australian FX-Superbike Championship.

Catavolt at 2012 TTXGP World Final, Daytona

According to an announcement on the FX-Superbike website, the 2013 series will include two classes.  One will support the existing "development" bikes - that is, home built experimental bikes that Ripperton and Catavolt have been racing with so far.  The other class is for Production bikes.  The 2013 eFXC series has four dates, listed below.  According to a comment on the website, they currently have commitments from five teams.

One thing the 2012 North American season proved is that the 2012 Zero S is a solid bike that can easily be modified for racing under TTXGP rules.  At the Portland event it was proved the 2012 Zero S is slightly slower than the 250cc gas bikes.  The 2013 Zero S is a notch faster and should be able to beat 250cc gas bikes now.  Additionally Brammo is finally beginning to deliver Empulse and Empulse R bikes to customers, either of which should be convertible into a credible race bike. 

This is no doubt what the Aussie's (eFXC) are aiming for with a new Production racing class.  Owners of 2013 Zero S's or 2013 Empulse R's should be able to make a few simple modifications and go racing at a performance level similar to 250cc gas bikes.

This is a solid demonstration of how far electric motorcycles have come over the last 4 years.  This is no longer the realm of experimental bike builders.  It's becoming a sport where you can just buy a bike and go racing.

Why did eFXC and TTXGP part ways for 2013?  I tried contacting one of the people in charge but did not receive an answer.  However I have talked with Azhar Hussain (TTXGP) about this, but am not yet free to give full details.  There is a pending announcement which will give a better appreciation of the larger context within which eFXC and TTXGP parted ways.  

2011 announcement coverage: TTXGP expands again in partnership with Australian FX-Superbike Championship

2012 announcement coverage: TTXGP/eFXC Australia is on again for 2012

Source: eFXC Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship 2013

eFXC 2013 Rounds:
Rnd 1, 3rd – 5th May, Wakefield Park Raceway NSW eFXC 2 Races (FX Rnd 3)
Rnd 2, 23rd – 25th August, Queensland Raceway Queensland, eFXC 2 Races (FX Rnd 4)
Rnd 3, 4th – 6th October, Sydney Motorsport Park NSW eFXC 2 Races (FX Rnd 5)
Rnd 4, 15th – 16th November, Sydney Motorsport Park NSW eFXC 1 Race (FX Rnd 6)

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