Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quimera backs carbon neutral liquid fuel powered racing series with Air Fuel Systems

We are interested at Electric Race News in changing the fuel of Racing, and while we think Electric is the way to go, there are carbon neutral liquid fuels that are renewable and do not tap fossil oil resources.  Quimera has made an announcement showing they're not just about electric racing, but zero carbon racing.  They made an announcement at AUTOSPORT International last Thursday concerning an agreement with IFR Automotive and Air Fuel Synthesis for a race car powered by a completely renewable carbon neutral liquid fuel powered race car.

The carbon-neutral Aspid SS sportscar weighs 780kg, and produces 450bhp from its two-litre engine.

Apparently there is a possibility to launch a one-make racing series around this car.

What is this?  An internal combustion engine race car on Electric Race News?  The answer of why it's here comes from the fuel company, Air Fuel Synthesis.

The technology developed by Air Fuel Systems takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and extracts hydrogen from water, then reacting them together to make a hydrocarbon mixture.  There are several paths from that hydrocarbon gas to end up with liquid gasoline.

It requires an energy input to drive the system, and in their implementation that is accomplished with solar power.

The point is that the gasoline which results from the system is sourced from carbon already present in the atmosphere.  None of it comes from fossil oil, and by using solar power to drive the system there isn't a back-door dependency on fossil fuels.

The company is still in early demonstration phases but claim that by 2020 they'll have developed commercial scale plants.

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