Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TTXGP hires "Chief Commercial Officer", looking for a new Marketing Manager

Steve Kingswell, Chief Commercial Officer, TTXGP
The TTXGP announced today that Steve Kingswell has joined the organization with the title "Chief Commercial Officer" and at the same time they are on the hunt for a "Marketing Manager."  Kingswell comes to the TTXGP with a background in media & management & business management, and his previous role was Chief Financial Officer at Babel Media, an interactive entertainment outsourcing firm.

The press release (see link below) doesn't say much more than this.  The ad for the Marketing Manager job (on LinkedIn) has some interesting things to say, however.  Such as "The company is on the verge of an exciting period in its development, and is looking for a professional marketer to support that development."  The Marketing Manager will be reporting to Kingswell, and have a "360 degree scope, for PR, publicity, planning, marketing communications, brand management, social media activities, & product."

Also, the Marketing Manager's "objective is to raise significant awareness, & via strong engagement activities, create desire to be associated with our brand & events, online & offline, with a view to driving significant growth in our sponsorship & commercial partner incomes."
I've sent a query over to the TTXGP office to get some clarification on a couple points, but this fits with  what I know of TTXGP's plans for the future.  The goal is to upgrade the presence of the TTXGP in the world and to focus more on race promotion work.  There are other changes likely to come in the future where the TTXGP's functions and relationship to the FIM will be changing, allowing the TTXGP to focus solely on race promotion.

What I don't understand is how Kingswell's background fits with motorsports.  One thing I've learned in 4 years now of covering electric racing is that motorsports people have a mind-set those outside the motorsports industry lack.  He clearly has a strong background in media and entertainment, but will this mean that because he is a motorsports outsider he'll be like an oval peg fitting into a round hole?


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