Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brammo testing Empulse R/RR/TTX at Thunderhill with Bostrom and Moreda

Virginia Tech isn't the only TTXGP team getting ready for the 2013 season.  Today, Brammo was at Thunderhill for a private track-day with Shelina Moreda and Eric Bostrom.  Let's try to not read too much into Steve Atlas not being there, okay?  They had at the track Empulse R's, Empulse RR's and Empulse TTX's.  Further, it's clear that Moreda is getting prepped to race with Team Icon Brammo in the 2013 season.  There had been rumors she would race with the team in 2012 but that ended up not happening.

On Facebook, Moreda posted this picture

Her comment was: "Wow. Thank You Brammo & Thank You Eric Bostrom!! This is one of the coolest days I've had at the track! Private trackday, testing the newest technologies in racing, got to ride my TTX for the first time, Learning from E-Boz!! It doesn't get much better than this. #Pumped"

The important takeaway is "My TTX" .. indicating that Moreda will be riding an Empulse TTX during the 2013 season, rather than an Empulse RR.

Brammo has posted a few pictures as well

"Track test at Thunderhill: Empulse, Empulse R, Empulse RR, Empulse TTX - with Shelina & EBoz Stay tuned for more photos..."

"Brian preps TTX for the track"  Okay, if we could see past Brian's body we could see something about what the Empulse TTX is made of.  The only thing I gather from this is that the frame on the TTX is different than on the RR.

"Eric heads out for some RR testing."

"Brian takes the RR for a spin."

"Sun going down on a cool winter day at Thunderhill."  This is either an Empulse R or TTX

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