Saturday, September 1, 2012

TTXGP Miller Motorsports qualifying round results and report

The qualifying round for the TTXGP 2012 race at Miller Motorsports was just run. 1st and 2nd in the starting grid will go to Brammo, Steve Atlas and Eric Bostrom.

Both of them were running great, lap after lap of performance well above the others here this weekend, and they looked flawless. Bostrom did miss turn 1 one time, while navigating around one of the Zero riders. They came within one second of besting lap times by Shane Turpin.

TO CLARIFY: Shane Turpin's lap record was set on the West Track last year, and this year the teams are racing on the East Track.  Hence, they cannot beat Turpin's record because they're on a different track.  What they're looking to do is beat Turpin's times this weekend - because he is here racing with a gas bike.

Bostrom had the fastest lap time, 1:40.543 with Atlas having the second fastest, 1:40.752.

Jeremiah Johnson was able to get on the track and finish some laps, but his bike kept cutting off. He is pulling out of the weekend. His bike is still a work in progress.

The Virginia Tech team also looked very good, but the bike cut out a couple times and the team did not have an explanation. Matt Kent's fastest lap time was 1:53.496.

The Zero bikes, as always, ran flawlessly. Can't say much more about their performance on the track. I was able to check the temperature of the motor and controller afterward. The controllers were cool, and the motor while hot I could still hold my hand on it without being burned. My point to mentioning this is that Zero has done the work to make sure these bikes don't overheat even in race conditions.

Among the Zero riders, Kenyon Kluge had the fastest lap time of 1:59.175. Next was Kenny Cummings with 2:00.594. Then Anthony Burrows at 2:01.374. Finally Andrew Cowell at 2:04.267.

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