Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tang Yu of Zongshen Racing wins e-Power/TTX at Oschersleben

In what they're describing as an "epic battle," Tang Yu of Zongshen Racing is the surprise winner of this weekends e-Power/TTX at Oschersleben.  We say "surprise" because his teammate, Ho Chi Fung, has the more powerful of Zongshen's bikes, and two of Muench's bikes are more powerful than Tang Yu's, and with the results of yesterday's sprint race it seemed likely to be a Muench/Muench/Zongshen podium.   However, the top bikes all developed problems leaving the field open to the win by Tang Yu.

Himmelmann started off the race strong with but by the middle of the race (lap 4) his battery pack overheated.  He says the bike stopped, but he was able to get it going again, and he pulled into the pits to check voltages and temperatures, and it seemed okay so he went back onto the track.  But the bike was riding "horribly" and stopped two more times.  The last was just a couple hundred yards short of the finish line, and he was unable to get the bike started back up, so he pushed it over the finish line.

Katja Poensgen says she was following Ho Chi Fung for a few laps to see how his bike would perform, and was confident she could overtake him any time she wanted.  But then the bike stopped, and she was able to restart it, but then it stopped again, and that time the marshals wouldn't let her continue.

Tang Yu - Zongshen
Ho Chi Fung also had electrical problems (no interview was posted with him) and he had to drop out.  Tang Yu did say "I really wish my team mate Ho Chi Fung gets the bike he deserves for the next round. The team are working hard on the new development bike but there is much to learn with a whole different set up, new motors, battery pack and control systems. I hope at the next round in Le Mans he will be able to join me on the podium."

Tang Yu said he nearly crashed on the first lap, putting him in last place, and he was so busy working his way up the grid that he was a bit surprised to be the winner.

Christian Amendt – 36 / "I was so happy that I was able to manage my small battery pack for such long race whilst keep respectable lap times. It was awesome to finish 3rd and get on the podium here in Germany. I have to say it was also really great to have so many good quality competitors here this weekend and a lot of spectators. I found the whole weekend really good fun especially with the introduction of the new sprint race, which I feel is a really good idea."

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