Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New electric motorcycle land speed record - 78.4 miles/hr - under 150kg class

A couple weeks ago I noted that Kevin Clemens was intending to set the land speed record in the under-150-kilogram class.  Fast forward to this week, the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials are underway, and he has set a record breaking the record he set last year.

According to a news report, on Sunday his controller went POP and probably let out the magic smoke. Fortunately he had a spare controller, but it only supported a lower voltage and he had to rewire the battery pack for the lower voltage.  This will of course limit the speed he can hit.

Yesterday he achieved a 78.4 miles/hr speed that is yet to be certified by the FIM.


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  1. PLEASE refine the headline so as to not imply that this is the best that E-motos can do!