Thursday, August 9, 2012

EV West at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Back in June an epic wildfire near Colorado Springs CO broke out just a few miles from Pikes Peak.  The fire forced the evacuation of residents into nearby hotels, and placed a big stress on the local area.  In the face of this the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb team delayed the race until this week.  One of the electric teams, EV West, has posted some updates on their Facebook page showing what they're doing at Pikes Peak.

You can follow their updates at:


This is the Netgain motor, along with an accessory system driven by belts attached to the motor.  Tis runs common accessories such as the air conditioning pumps, power steering pumps, a tachometer, etc.


Loading up the car in a trailer for the trip to Pikes Peak.

And few shot from the qualifying round:

An earlier picture shows the drive train removed from the car.  Notice that this is a different setup than the first picture.   This shows dual motors in a siamese arrangement.

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