Monday, June 4, 2012

The "ton" is gonna break in this years TT ZERO at IOM TT 2012 - MotoCzysz 102mph lap

The Isle of Man Government has put up a £10,000 prize fund for the first bike in the TT ZERO to "break the ton", meaning turn in a lap speed over 100 miles/hr.  Last year Mike Rutter riding for MotoCzysz nearly did the deed, with a 99.604 miles/hr lap speed, and team-mate Mark Miller not far behind with a 98.288 miles/hr lap speed.  It's widely expected that the ton will break this year, if only because of the year-on-year advances all the teams have made, not to mention entrance of deep pocketed teams like Mugen.

Trawling the IOM TT forums, I find that today in practice Mike Rutter did indeed turn in a 100+ mph lap.  One must note that the official TT Week schedule does not have time slots for TT ZERO practice or qualifying, but the organizers must be including TT ZERO bikes with the other classes for qualifying and practice runs.  That part is rather unclear from my perspective thousands of miles away.

In any case the report on the forum says:  102.5 miles/hr, lap speed, and another thread claims he hit 153 miles/hr top speed

A followup comment said the MotoCzysz bike was pretty well spent after that, and that the Mugen bike had a lot left, passing the grandstand doing 97 miles/hr.  That means Mugen can "turn the wick up and cruise to victory."  On the other hand both MotoCzysz bikes lost their dashboards during the run, leaving the riders to guess how much power they had.

Rutter for MotoCzysz

Morecambe Missile not far behind.

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