Thursday, May 17, 2012

EV West Enters Electric BMW M3 In Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Electric Vehicle West (EV West) is an electric vehicle conversion shop in San Diego which has built a drag car or three.  I first met them at the 2011 REFUEL race, where they had a large contingent of people wearing EV West branded t-shirts.

The company just announced they had entered the 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  I suppose we won't be seeing them at REFUEL, because that event is one week before and in a wholly different direction.

They released the following youtube teaser video, saying: This is the 2012 Pikes Peak entry for EV West. 1995 BMW M3 (currently) running on a Net-Gain HV11 and a Evnetics Shiva. For more information please visit or visit us on Facebook at

They posted this picture of custom designed brush holders that will be used in the car.

This shot taken in April shows twin air coolers that were installed

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