Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Empulse TTX plan still on track for the 2013 TTXGP season

In a preview to this weekend's TTXGP race the Infineon Raceway staff sent out an interview with Brammo looking forward to this weekends TTXGP 2012 Season opening race.  Buried among the chatter about the bikes, Brian Wisman was asked about the Empulse TTX which had been announced last summer.  In the announcements over the upcoming Empulse R unveiling, mention of the Empulse TTX was missing, leading one to wonder if that had fallen by the wayside.

Happy were we to see this buried in the interview:-
You announced last year the fact you were going into partnership with TTXGP to produce a race-ready bike for future teams; the Empulse TTX. How have these plans progressed, and when can future racers take possession of one?  BW: The Empulse TTX will be based on our production Empulse and Empulse R platform which will be launched to the public on May 8. The bike has been developed with the goal of having a solid platform upon which a privateer or professional race team can cost-effectively build a contender for the TTXGP series. We will begin testing this summer and it seems likely that an interested racer could take possession in early 2013.
And this as well:-
Brammo is a leader in the electric vehicle industry and has a team that has raced with TTXGP since 2009. How do you see these technologies developing and what on-track improvements can we expect in the next five-10 years?  BW: Even having been involved from the initial “drop of the flag,” we have been very impressed with the pace of development in the electric motorcycle space on all sides of technology. For the near future, I think we can expect to see the power levels continuing to climb to the near 200hp level and the bike weights continue to drop well into the sub-450 pound range. Of course, this level of motor performance will be useless without the battery power and endurance needed to make use of it, so we can expect improvements to specific power and capacity as well. At the moment, the bikes are circulating around the tracks on pace with a well-sorted SuperSport class race bike, but I think it will not be long before they are competitive with the professional SuperBikes.
To remind us of the intention for the Empulse TTX.  It is slated for availability during the 2013 season.  Brammo and TTXGP's partnership bundles with an Empulse TTX purchase the entry fees for a team to participate in all races in a continent-level TTXGP series.

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