Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jeremiah Johnson to race in TTXGP North America, 2012

Over on Facebook, Jeremiah Johnson (a pro AMA Racer) announced he had applied and been approved to race in the 2012 TTXGP North America season.  Johnson, in addition to being an AMA Pro, has been interested in electric motorcycles for several years.  I met him in 2009 when the TTXGP team came to the Vintage Motorcycle Race at the Mid-Ohio track (just north of Columbus).  At that time he was riding a bike built by Enertrac (see picture below), but he explained the large number of race bike frames in his shop in Florida, that he envisioned rebuilding as electric motorcycles, with the intention to race in the TTXGP.  Unfortunately, the 2010 and 2011 seasons came and went with no appearance by Johnson.  Fortunately this is about to change, it appears.

His recent facebook activity has shown he is in the shop building electric bikes.  His most recent posting says:
It's official, my entry is in to race the whole season of the North American TTXGP Championship.  Only bad part is that there is a race at PIR in Portland that conflicts with the AMA Pro Racings race at Barber in Alabama the same weekend.  I'm probably going to have to skip that PIR race.
He was also able to secure his number, 64, to use in TTXGP.  His choice to skip a race will make it incredibly hard to achieve a high TTXGP points ranking, however.  

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