Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TTXGP and UEM form partnership for electric motorcycle racing in Europe

The TTXGP and the UEM (the European Federation of the FIM) recently announced a partnership in which UEM sanctions the TTXGP activities in Europe.  TTXGP is the electric motorcycle racing series that launched in 2009 on the Isle of Man, and in 2010 and 2011 ran racing series in Europe, North America and Australia.

One issue hanging over the TTXGP has been the fight with the FIM, and the lack of sanctioning of TTXGP events.  The FIM is the sanctioning body that has positioned itself as the overlord of all motorcycle racing.  So far the TTXGP and FIM have been unable to cooperate on coordinating TTXGP's electric motorcycle racing into FIM's umbrella.  But what TTXGP has done instead is work with continent-level branches of the FIM.

TTXGP has a long-standing relationship with the AMA under which TTXGP can race at AMA events.  In the 2010 season this meant four AMA weekends also featured TTXGP racing, however in 2011 the North America schedule got all screwed up and only one of the races last year was held on an AMA weekend.  In 2012 the schedule announced yesterday only lists one AMA race weekend, and two race weekends in conjunction with a local racing club.

In Europe the TTXGP has had a long-standing relationship with the ACU, and now with the UEM.  

The AMA, the ACU and the UEM all operate under the FIM's umbrella, and oversee motorcycle racing in their country or continent.

From Press Release:

UEM furthers its involvement with electric racing!
18th January 2012
TTXGP Press office

TTXGP are very please to announce a new partnership with UEM; the European Federation of the FIM, that will see the UEM have a greater stake in electric racing and nurture the next generation of motorsport throughout the European rounds of the championship.

The founder/principal of TTXGP, Mr. Azhar Hussain spoke of the partnership "we very enthusiastic to welcome such a fantastic partner in the UEM to sanction our European championship; working with such respected motorsport body as well as honoured professionals will aid TTXGP to grow and thrive and we are very much looking forward to an exciting year of racing. UEM will add stability to the calendar as well expertise and connections all of which will make TTXGP stronger."

The partnership agreement was formally approved at the Board meeting of the UEM this December. Upon signing Mr Mazzi, President of the the UEM said "We are very pleased of this agreement that pose the UEM in front of the technical innovation. Duty of the UEM is to grow our sport in Europe and this is a very important occasion to find new paths".

UEM in Europe join FIM North America union in the US as sanctioning bodies for TTXGP regional championships and grow our global family of partners. The new TTXGP Euro calendar sanctioned by the UEM will be announced shortly. All additional dates will join Assen which has agreed a historic three year deal with electric motorsport, the first venue to offer TTXGP a multiyear contract and partnership that signals the staying power of electric motorsport.

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