Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Loring Timing Association adopts NEDRA classification system for electric vehicles

"The LTA is happy to announce that we have revised our electric vehicle classifications. We looked at various electric vehicle racing organizations and chose to adopt the classification system used by the National Electric Drag Racing Association, due to their fifteen years of experience in electric drag racing and record keeping and their system has proved to be the most functional. We expect to see more electrics showing up at The Maine Event this coming season due to the inclusion of all NEDRA voltage classes as opposed to the customary vehicle weight classes."

The LTA rules book is shared with the ECTA and ECTA, all three of which are land speed racing organizations that do not operate on the salt flats out west. 

The LTA operates, in Maine, on what is the longest asphalt long-speed-racing track in the world.  It looks like a former airport, and has a total length almost 3 miles long.

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