Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TTXGP returns with a multi-year deal to the 'cathedral of motorcycle racing'

For two years now the TTXGP Europe series has raced at the "Cathedral of Motorcycle Racing", namely the race track at Assen in the Netherlands. 

With an announcement yesterday, this arrangement is guaranteed for the next three years. 

This is good news that underscores long-term viability of the TTXGP series, in that they're feeling stable enough to sign a long term deal.  This calls to mind the difficulty they had during 2011 with getting their schedules lined up, and the several changes made throughout the year.

20th December 2011

GAMMA RACING DAY August 5TH. 2012, Assen - Holland will host the TTXGP in 2012. The Dutch round of TTXGP World Championship to be the World's leading eGrandprix venue. This is a World first multi-year deal for TTXGP and will see electric motorsport committed to Assen till 2014!

TTXGP are pleased to announce its first multi-year agreement with the GAMMA Racing Day, Europe’s biggest combined annual racing event at the ‘cathedral of motorsports’, the TT Circuit Assen. Riders and manufacturers from all over the world will race electrical powered racing bikes August 5th. 2012 in what will be the official and only Dutch round in the TTXGP World Championship. With an expected 50.000+ crowd the GAMMA Racing Day organization and TTXGP look set to strengthen their position as the world’s leading eGrandPrix venue.

The ‘Zero Carbon, Clean Emission Grand Prix’ chooses to race at an established racing event like the GAMMA Racing Day to bring the series and its technology forward to the attention of the masses, hoping to influence acceptance of the new technology and create future consumers. The GAMMA Racing Day is the biggest professional racing event in Holland after the annual MotoGP round. The event can be accessed free of charge with a ‘Free Ticket’ distributed by the event’s sponsors. It features races in Dutch Superbike and Supersport, the CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, the Dutch Supercar Challenge and renowned formula racing series like the ATS Formel-3-Cup and the NEC Formula Renault 2.0 as well as exciting demonstrations.

TTXGP founder, Azhar Hussain: “The Dutch round will be an amazing experience and truly memorable one in the TTXGP Calendar. The Atmosphere at Assen is unrivaled and the GP course is thrilling for both riders and spectators.”

“We are also very pleased to have found our first long term home for TTXGP. This will see TTXGP committed for the next 3 years to partner with LDP to build a world class platform for racing and innovation not just on the track but also with the City of Assen.”

The City of Assen has been involved in the Dutch round in TTXGP The eGrandPrix right from the start in 2010. Alderman for the City of Assen Henk Matthijsse: "Assen is motorcycle city par excellence and holds a leading position in sustainability. Electric motorsport fits in well with TT-city Assen".

Bertram Buikema on behalf of GAMMA Racing Day owner LDP International b.v.: “”Win on Sunday sell on Monday” is a universal marketing motto not limited to conventional racing. To market an exciting and high performance vehicle you go racing. Manufacturers and dealers tend to eventually shift their attention in racing and marketing to machinery and technology they are most likely to sell on the streets. With the current financial stimulations from governments worldwide we expect the market for electric road vehicles to grow. One of the leading conventional manufacturers Honda’s recent RC-E prototype release confirms this development. With the TTXGP round at Europe’sbiggest combined racing event we offer a great marketing tool for any brand associated with electric mobility and its technology.”

Assen will form part of TTXGP Euro 2012. This joins with TTXGP Australia 2012 and TTXGP North America 2012, as qualifying rounds for the TTXGP World CHAMPIONSHIP Final 2012.

Leading the TTXGP field in Europe is the infamous German Münch motorcycle on which Matthias Himmelmann took the TTXGP World Championship 2010 and 2011. Second in 2011 was Team Zongshen, the official Chinese factory team racing exclusively in TTXGP; joining them were teams from India, Italy, Belgium, UK, Japan and Sweden. 2012 will be an amazing year – join us.

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