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TTXGP's 2011 World Final Championship race to be held October 15/16 in Anglesey

Today the timing and location of the TTXGP 2011 World Final Championship electric motorcycle race was announced, and it will be held in Anglesey, UK on October 15/16.   For the TTXGP it's not only the capping off of an amazing 2011 season, it's a return to a venue where they'd raced in 2010.

In 2011 the TTXGP held races on three continents (versus two in 2010)

  • TTXGP North America, held 3 races beginning with the season opener in May at the Infineon Raceway
  • TTXGP Europe, held 5 races
  • TTXGP/eFXC Australia, held 4 races

The 2011 season also saw many of the TTXGP teams move to AC drive trains, from the DC systems that were commonly used in 2010.  It's not that there were no AC drive trains in use in 2010, as at least two winning teams (Lightning and Meunch) used AC motors in 2010.  In 2011 AC systems were far more common, with the AC drive trains bumping performance levels up considerably.  The fastest performance of the 2011 season came at the Laguna Seca round, held jointly with FIM's e-Power series, during which Mission Motors' bike attained lap times as fast as the MotoGP bikes racing that same weekend.

It was also a tough year all around for the TTXGP management.  If nothing else, the lateness of this announcement demonstrates how tough their year has been.  The announcement comes only five days before the final race.  Since it affects teams who would be traveling from Europe, North America and Australia to participate, in normal circumstances this announcement would have been made months ago giving everyone time to make plans.

The 2011 season was to be a year where the TTXGP and e-Power series would begin to cooperate with each other.  In particular the final championship race was to have been jointly held somewhere.  That "somewhere" was never announced, which left the TTXGP organizers needing a time and place to hold their championship.  Hence we can put two-and-two together to understand the lateness of todays announcement.  For their part FIM has not announced a time or location for the e-Power championship race.


MotoCzysz sizzles in TTXGP Finale, while Brammo wins the championship

The finale of the TTXGP 2011 North American series at Miller Motorsports Park

Final race in TTXGP's 2011 North American series to be held at Miller Motorsport

Results and pictures for 2011 Laguna Seca TTXGP/e-Power electric motorcycle race

Mission Motors wins joint TTXGP/e-Power race at Laguna Seca

TTXGP and FIM's e-Power hold first joint race this weekend at Laguna Seca

Brammo, Mission, and Zero go head-head at REFUEL in preview of TTXGP next month

Brammo sets new TTXGP lap record at Infineon

Brammo, Volt wins in TTXGP season opener at Infineon Raceway

Re-introducing the TTXGP for the 2011 electric motorcycle racing season

Race lineup announced for TTXGP season opener at Infineon

A123 Systems sponsoring the 2011 North American TTXGP race series

TTXGP expands again in partnership with Australian FX-Superbike Championship



TTXGP Returns to Anglesey UK on October 15/16 for the TTXGP World Final 2011

10th October 2011


It has been a season of tears, laughter, surprises, mountainous challenges and well earned victories but above all else, this is a season that has seen electric motorsport elevate to the next level. We have been liaising with the teams for months now and can finally release information about this season's climax: the TTXGP FINAL 2011; Anglesey, United Kingdom

2009 was the age of the DC motor, smaller and lighter than its counterparts, It had a proven edge over competitors and offered future teams a relatively simple and cost effective solution to making electric motorbikes go fast and allowing people to join the grid. Throughout 2010 it's presence dominated the grid;  teams, big and small  were able to join in adding to the pioneering spirit that makes TTXGP so thrilling as a sport.  Innovative technological edge coupled with close racing as the AC Motors began to really challenge in 2010 made racing fun as well as relevant.

This season saw a tipping point as teams starting look for a world beyind the DC, at least in Europe and the US where the leading teams are all running AC motor driven machines.  With the TTXGP FINAL now due to be held in beautiful coastal course  of Anglesey, UK, all eyes will be on the teams to see which technology and rider and will have the edge when it matters.

Set on the west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond, Anglesey Circuit provides visitors with a challenging and exciting circuit in a breathtaking location. The track has taken full advantage of the undulating landscape and created a circuit with imaginative cambers, a blend of fast sections, technically challenging mid range corners complimented with two hairpin bends and a 10% banked corner.

"We are pleased to welcome TTXGP back to Anglesey Circuit, especially as this is the World Final of the 2011 championship. With environmental issues high on our own agenda as a venue, we admire the commitment that TTXGP is showing by promoting zero emission racing." Richard Peacock, Anglesey circuit.

"Its been a challenging year in dealing with some very unexpected headwinds. Our thanks to all the team at Anglesey for stepping in at a late stage and helping electric motorcycle community conclude what has been another historic milestone as we all continue to grow the next generation of motorsport." said Azhar Hussain, Founder of TTXGP.  "Anglesey is a an exciting, fast and stunning circuit. Its going to be a thrilling race to the final."

TTXGP provides an exciting proving and development ground as well as plenty of trackside action. Join us this weekend at Anglesey or follow us on @TTXGP for all the live action.

We invite you all to be part of it.

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