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Victory & title for Matthias Himmelmann (Münch Racing) in TTXGP Europe 2011 finals

Victory & title for Matthias Himmelmann (Münch Racing)

24th September 2011


Münch continue to dominate Europe's electric racing scene with as yet unmatched performance.

The German rider, Matthias Himmelmann strongly dominated the TTXGP/FIM combined event at the Le Mans circuit, in opening of the renowned FIM 24 Hours Endurance race. After eight laps, the Münch TTE crossed the finish line with more than 34 seconds ahead of Italian Alessandro Brannetti (CRP Racing Team) and Ho Chi Fung, the fastest rider from the Chinese team Zongshen.

In 4th came CRP’s Italian rider Alex Battistini finishing ahead of his team fellow and American, Shelina Moreda and Yang Tu, the second Zongshen rider 

The march of innovation continues with performances of electric powered motorcycles significantly improving since last year. Matthias Himmelmann completed his fastest lap in 1'54.584 and set a time of 1'52.939 as pole position, up from 2’19 in 2010.

Despite Münch winning the TTXGP World Final in 2010 the European crown was owned by CRP's Alessandro Brannetti who proved to be a fierce competitor especially when the track was more technical and suited to the nimble  Motorcycle built by this Italian Manufacturer… Proof was in the last joint FIM epower round at Laguna Seca where the battle for third place was as fierce as any seen in e racing history with Brammo, CRP and Münch swapping paint as they pasted each other repeatedly.

Reminiscing on this experience  Matthias Himmelman, MÜNCH RACING on winning today commented “This was a start to finish with a victory for the team. I gave it all my power as well as the power of the bike to push for the win and the result for the whole team is excellent.

This is a real team effort; the win belongs to all of us. We have worked really hard to further develop this new bike after a disappointing result at Laguna Seca. I personally am training hard to improve and be better in time for the next race in the World TTXGP Final where I will face my fellow TTXGP competitors from Laguna Seca.  I am really excited to have a rematch in Europe."

The ever gracious 2010 European Champion, Alessandro Brannetti of CRP Racing stated “We are very happy, this is a great result for our team who worked really hard to give me a competitive machine for its class. Of course we know the Münch Motors are in a different league in terms of power and it would be a challenge to beat them so for us second place at this race is an excellent result. We are in front of all the other DC Bikes so we know when racing against the same technology and budget level we are the best.  Our goal now is to work on the power train to gain more power in order to complete our next project, the road motorcycle, which will be launched as a concept vehicle at EICMA in Milan this year.”

Third place on the podium belonged to another 2010 TTXGP veteran, Hi Chi Fung of ZONGSHEN  “I am very happy with the result because although we placed third in the race, the team actually had to work really hard and do their best to even complete the race and finish given it is a longer race than the bike is set up for.  We put on a good show. We will now be concentrating all our efforts on the next race, the
TTXGP WORLD FINAL where we will be racing with the bike dialled back up to full power after only being able to compete at 75% level for this race.  We are looking forward to showing what the bike is capable of!”

Taking part in her first ever European race and her second ever electric race was the charasmatic Shelina Moreda of USA for CRP racing "It is amazing to be here with CRP Racing at Le Mans during the FIM 24 Hours of Le Mans race weekend. I am ecstatic to be racing at such a world known track. I am always impressed with the CRP team and their motorcycles. It is my first time in Europe and my first time ever on this track of course, it is also only my second time riding the eCRP 1.4 motorcycle, so there is a lot wrapped up in this weekend for me, and a tremendous amount to learn."

"CRP Racing always does everything possible to give me the tools to accel during race weekends. Their support and the coaching from my teammate Alessandro Brannetti has helped me drop my times consistently at this track and I am already going 5 seconds faster today in qualifying than my fastest yesterday during practice, which is significant. Europe is amazing, Le Mans is a dream, and CRP is fantastic for bringing me here. I love the track and I am excited for the race, I look forward to getting even faster today. "

An incredible season finale to 2011, for the next generation of motorsport.

TTXGP European Championship Final 2011/FIM epower
Le Mans Bugatti
Pos Team Rider Bike Time Laps km/h Best
1 Munch Racing Matthias Himmelmann Munch TTE 0:15:32.150 8 129.301 1:54.584
2 CRP Racing Alessandro Branetti eCRP 0:16:06.496 8 124.706 1:57.625
3 Zongshen Ho Chi Fung Zongshen 0:16:18.017 8 123.237 1:59.917
4 CRP Racing Alex Batistini eCRP 0:16:52.129 8 119.084 2:02.528
5 CRP Racing Shelina Moreda eCRP 0:17:03.159 8 117.800 2:06.930
6 Zongshen Tang Yu Zongshen 0:17:14.631 8 116.494 2:07.468

The Le Mans race will be on the TTXGP TV distribution on Motors TV and Speed 2 channels. Follow @TTXGP for the latest info.

New rules and regs are being finalised for the 2012/2013 future. Add your ideas at TTXGP wiki.egrandprix.com




Victory & title for Matthias Himmelmann (Münch Racing)


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