Friday, January 1, 2010

TTXGP - The Zero Carbon, Clean Emission Grand Prix

Electric Motorsport Inc. (EMS), winners of the TTXGP Isle of Man 2009 Open Class, is back again for TTXGP 2010 series.

EMS is seeking sponsorship for the TTXGP 2010 series which includes North America kicking off at Infineon 14-16 May.

Todd Kollin, EMS President, said, "The TTXGP is going to get real competitive this upcoming year. Electric Motorcycles still have a lot to prove on and off the track. Such competition will really spur innovation and technology in the EV industry, pushing the limits of what is possible."

Among other things, Electric Motorsport Inc is an American motorcycle manufacturer which produces zero emission electric motorbikes and scooters. The company's Open Class winning bike the "Native TTXGP" was built in Oakland California and sported an American Made AC Induction drive system. The Pro Class bike is one of 3 Yamaha R1 conversions Built by EMS and Grywx Fabrication.

Todd continued, "We've been working in this field for many years and played a key role in introducing electric motorcycles to the USA. Winning the TTXGP Open Class on the Isle of Man was an amazing experience for the whole team." A month later EMS outperformed the field once again by leading all five heats at the Mid Ohio TTXGP eGrandPrix with their pro bike hitting an unofficial 110mph on the straight.

"Companies sponsoring EMS and other TTXGP teams will not only show the world that they are supporting emerging clean technologies but they are also doing it in the most competitive environment of Motorcycle GP racing. The EMS team is looking forward to the new race season and open to any sponsors who want to be a part of it. Just think of it as RC racing for BIG kids and on some of the most famous race courses in the world. Be there."

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